There are several different cord banks throughout the US and the world.  These cord banks are where cord blood is processed and stored by families for future use.  Cord banks have different parameters that they offer for security, location, quality, etc.  There are different highlights that the cord banks offer in order to guarantee your blood will be viable for use if the need were to arise.

Cord banks may offer heightened security for temperature control, as in if the temperature were to get too high, there are two sets of alarms and backup power in order to remove any chance of compromising the blood.  Other cord banks locate their facilities in areas that are virtually free of natural disasters and rural enough to be away from high populations.  

Still another advantage that cord banks offer are the credentials of their staff and working with the FDA on clinical trials to show their commitment to stem cell research and cutting edge technology.  Several cord banks have been around for decades, but as technology has improved, many more cord banks have been established.